September 10, 2010


 discovered a new family
where biology is nothing
what binds is the blood of Christ,
as I look into their faces
reflected back is the image,
the same image of God I see
when I look in the mirror:

lepers and prostitutes,
tiny weather-worn women,
naughty dirty beautiful
children running in the street,
a man who sits on the floor
in his humble brick dwelling
speaking of the peace of God
as the thing he treasures most,
orphan girls who whisper songs,
strong young women who gently 
teach me how to hand wash clothes
then serve me chai and biscuits,
the rickshaw driver who speeds
through the dusk safely toward home,
cow herds dressed in their finest,
the old corner-store owner
who is caught dancing with his
grandson in the dusty street


(the Hindi for "family" is "pariwar")

-first posted at my other blog