October 4, 2013

Something is coming...

Something new is on the breeze, and I can smell it coming...

Maybe it is pumpkin spice coffee,
Or maybe it is home food made by my momma,
It could be those wet, earthy, fall smells wafting from the forest
But it is probably something more than that.

For a while I have been hearing that the Lord is wanting to do something new in my life. At first I didn't quite know what to expect. Excitement has been building, slowly, but coming on stronger now. New and different things are not always easily welcomed. Sometimes we have grown comfortable with the old and cozy things, and don't want to shed them because it is not always certain if the new things are quite to our liking. But what I know of the Lord is that he only brings good things (sometimes really hard things, but always good). I often confuse comfortable and good. They are not the same. The Lord has been whispering on the autumnal breeze, "Give up the sad tired things you are holding on to so you can have your hands open to the glorious things I have in store for you. Don't worry, my dear, the new is better. The new is better."

So that is what I am going to practice.
I am giving up and letting go, to make room, room for my Savior, and what he has for me.

A part of this is going on a social media break for the month of October. It has already been hard. There are so many times a day where I want to tell the Facebook world about what I am doing or show the Instagramers a picture of my life through a cool insta-filter. I am taking a break because I feel that for me social media has become a distraction. I spend so much empty time scrolling through snippets of everyone else's life when there are much more meaningful things I could be doing... like blogging.

I am anticipating this season to be creatively stirring, and I really hope to make blogging more of a habit, even just for my sanity. Writing is cathartic and therapeutic. I need to make more space for it in my life, and that is what I am doing.

So with all that said, I hope that you pull up my blog more often and join me with some delicious mug full of steaming goodness, as I try to experience life at a different pace this October, letting go of the old and stepping into each new day with expectancy.